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Check out this page to see my most recent projects and bookings! 2019 is off to a killer start!

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Super excited to announce I booked a national commerical for Little Caesar's! Had a blast filming this spot with the best cast and crew. So many laughs on set; hoping this commerical is as fun to watch as it was to shoot! Can't wait to see it when it airs!



Loved working with Powerade on a recent print campaign! The photographer, Emily Maye, was amazing to shoot with and the final results were killer. It was so refreshing working with a female sport's photographer. Almost every sports shoot I've ever worked on has had a male photographer, and while they've been great, it was such a nice change to work alongside a women. I felt like there was less pressure on the technicalities, and more room to authentically preform. Hope to work with this brand again soon.

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IT'S OUT! My Beats By Dre campaign is officially out now!! Wow, was this a physically and mentally intense shoot - but the end result was more than worth it. I should have known what I was in for when the Creative Director called me the day before the shoot to tell me they would have a trainer and medic on set for me (no joke!). What I love about Beats is that they strive to capture the most authentic images possible to represent their brand - an effort I really respect as an athlete.



Found myself in a Nike store today! Super surreal seeing myself in an ad for a brand I've worn my entire life. As you can see from my face, I was geeking out a little bit when I saw it (haha!). Was awesome to lace up cleats and get back on a field for this shoot - I forget how much I miss soccer sometimes. NIKE, thanks for having me!


MY International asics campaign!

Check out ASICS online and in stores to see my latest campaign for their NYC Marathon collection!! Fun Fact: This shoot took place in LA, but that is a real photo of NYC at sunset that our photographer took two days prior with his camera from a helicopter! My real view for most of this shoot was actually a green screen.